EPISODE 18 | March 6, 2020 | Olympic marathon trials, Excalibur, Pirate Plunder and conspiracy theories

Tune in to hear about John’s recent trip to spectate at the Olympic marathon trials in Atlanta — he name drops and has a lot to say about shoes. The team talks about the recent Gateway to Space 5K/10K — both from a working and running perspective. The upcoming Excalibur Distance Festival and the Pirate Plunder 2-miler are previewed and the Ask Pete segment returns with some discussion of Nike’s Vaporfly and unrelated conspiracy theories.

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EPISODE 17.5 | February 24, 2020 |  Bonus content with Lauren Hodges and Michelle Smurl

Tune in for a few more tidbits on living life with the right mindset from wellness expert Lauren Hodges and hear what Rafiki the giraffe does in a normal day at the Brevard Zoo. Pete and John drop even more shoe knowledge and insight.

EPISODE 17 | February 19, 2020 | Mindset expert Lauren Hodges, Brevard Zoo’s Michelle Smurl and local athlete Zeke Zauner

Mindset and wellness expert Dr. Lauren Hodges stops by the Run Brevard studio to share some tips on goal setting — both for athletic pursuits and life in general. Brevard Zoo’s Michelle Smurl shares more information on Cheyenne, the Florida Black Bear, and Rafiki the Giraffe. Local runner and cross country coach Zeke Zauner shares his running story in the Athlete Spotlight. Pete, Katie and John talk about shoes, travels and how the year is going so far in their lives.

EPISODE 16.5 | Feb. 4, 2020 | Bonus Content

Tune in to hear more of the Run Brevard interview with Staff Sgt. Kevin Greene and a first-person story of saving a life from Anne Doerflein. Pete, Katie and John share their 2020 goals.

EPISODE 16 | January 28, 2020 | Staff Sgt. Kevin Greene and Anne Doerflein

Tune in as Staff Sgt. Kevin Greene talks about losing his leg in an accident — and his rise to athletic heights since becoming limb-impaired. He shares his workout routine and the upcoming Invictus Games in The Hague, Netherlands.

Running Zone’s “sweet” Anne Doerflein shares her own running journey in this month’s Athlete Spotlight and some news on where she’s headed next.

Details on the upcoming Bear Bustle 3K on Feb. 8 are shared.


It’s almost time for the Jingle Bell 2-Miler, starting and finishing at the Satellite Beach Public Library. Hear details about this year’s event and what Pete, John and Katie have been up to since the last episode. Satellite High School’s cross country and track coach Doug Butler stops by the studio to talk his state championship season and sophomore Justin Wilson gives listeners the scoop on his trip to Nike Nationals in Portland, Oregon.


Atlantis astronaut Mike McCulley stops by the Run Brevard studio to share some stories from his life as a pilot — eventually for NASA. Running Zone course sweeper and dad of three Joseph Joseph tells his running story. Hosts Pete, Katie and John talk about Christmas faux pas and what they’re looking forward to this holiday season.


When does an obsession with running go too far? In light of Mary Cain’s recent interviews about what she calls “physical and mental abuse” in elite running training, local triathlete and physical therapist Kaitlin Donner stops by the Run Brevard studio to share her thoughts — and how it relates to athletes of all ages here on the Space Coast.

Episode 13.5 | Oct. 29, 2019 | Bonus Content with Pete, Katie and John

Hear a little more about some of the topics in Episode 13 with hosts Pete Vaughn, Katie Parsons and John Carr.

Episode 13 | Oct. 22, 2019 | Philanthropic running with Barry and Michele Birdwell

Listen in as local Team in Training coaches Barry and Michele Birdwell share stories from the course and their own lives, including Barry’s recent hobby of entering Ernest Hemingway lookalike contests. Breast cancer survivor Kara Turey is the Athlete Spotlight and she talks about completing her first marathon recently in Chicago. The upcoming Ghostly Gecko 5K run on Oct. 26, 2019 is previewed.

Hosts Pete, Katie and John talk about Katie’s recent brush with celebrities and what the boys want to be for Halloween.

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Learn more about the Birdwells at http://birdwellsrun.com/

Episode 12, Part 3 | Oct. 8, 2019 – Runner, Father, Logistical Pro: Meet Host Pete Vaughn

Listen in as Pete Vaughn, Running Zone’s Director of Operations and Run Brevard host, talks about his start running, his favorite running moments, how he connected with Running Zone in the first place and a few more fun facts about him. This Episode 12, part 3. You can listen to interviews with John Carr and Katie Parsons by clicking their names.

Episode 12, Part 2 | Oct. 1, 2019 – Mom Runner & Writer: Meet Host Katie Parsons

Run Brevard host Katie Parsons is enthusiastic about all of the fitness opportunities for families on the Space Coast — and she shares her own running story and details about her life as a writer, podcaster and mom of 5. Katie talks about the importance of community in running and what is up next for her and her family. Part 1 of Episode 12 featured host John Carr and Part 3 will feature host Pete Vaughn.

Episode 12, Part 1 | Sept. 23, 2019 – Shoe Geek and Pizza Fan: Who is John Carr?

Run Brevard host John Carr is Running Zone’s newest full-time employee and talks about his excitement for his new role. John shares how he started running in his Athlete Spotlight and talks his love for pizza, his dogs and his wife, Courtney, in the Run Brevard interview. Parts 2 and 3 of Episode 12 will feature hosts Katie Parsons and Pete Vaughn.

Episode 11 | Aug. 28, 2019 – Race Management Fun with Anne Mitchell

Anne Mitchell is the Race Management Coordinator at Running Zone and she stops by the studio to talk about the upcoming 71 races on RZ’s docket and how she found running in her own life. Local cross country coach and Boston marathoner Julie Hannah is the featured Athlete Spotlight. and hosts Pete Vaughn, John Carr and Katie Parsons sum up the highlights of their summer.

Episode 10 | July 26, 2019

Not every runner makes it to the Boston Marathon but local author Jackie Kellner crossed the finish line in 2016. It was her 18th marathon and she decided to write about all of those experiences in her new book, A Boston Marathon Journey: From Average Runner to Amazing Life. She sat down with Run Brevard to talk about her inspiration and the experience of writing the book. The episode also previews the upcoming Tailgate 2-miler on Aug. 18, 2019. See you there!

Episode 9 | June 27, 2019

Don’t miss an exclusive interview with Tom Griffen, who walked from California to New York as a way to connect with all types people throughout America. The episode also previews the kickoff to the Running Zone Foundation Series race, the Firecracker 5K that happens on July 4, 2019 at Front Street Civic Center. Join in the fun!

Episode 8 | May 6, 2019

Happy Birthday to Running Zone as the Run Brevard crew reminisces on Run for Gecko pasts and looks ahead to this year’s race on May 11. Denise Piercy stops in to talk about the pinnacle event of the Running Zone Foundation Series and local runner Kevin Charles shares his story of going from sprinting to completing marathons. Dr. Bryan Parry drops some of his orthopedic knowledge and gives advice for runners struggling with injuries. Hosts Pete, John and Katie share their next three songs, plus guest picks and a winning listener song, for the Run Brevard playlist.

Episode 7 | April 12, 2019

Tune in as the Run Brevard crew talks all things Florida Today Corporate 5K, including an interview with Orlando Melbourne International Airport’s Cliff Graham. Hear about upcoming airport developments (did someone say rooftop bar?) and learn how Cliff got started as a runner. Liz White shares her running story, including a marathon tale of pain, persistence and redemption. Hosts Pete, John and Katie share their next three songs, plus guest picks and a winning listener song, for the Run Brevard playlist.

Episode 6 | March 11, 2019

This episode previews the next Running Zone Series race, the Pirate Plunder 2-miler and takes a look at the Excalibur 10-mile, 2-mile and relay event that happens on St. Patrick’s Day this year. Sondi Ryersee shares her story of running redemption following a traumatic cycling accident. Michelle Smurl of the Brevard Zoo stops by the studio to share her animal expertise and talk about her own running journey. Hosts Pete, John and Katie share their next three songs, plus a bonus song, on the Run Brevard playlist.

Episode 5 | February 5, 2019

This episode previews the next Running Zone Series race, the Terrapin Trot 3K that benefits the Brevard Zoo. Andy Dutra shares his story of finding running in college – and how it changed every aspect of his life. Brittany Trubilla of Brooks Running talks about what it means to “Run Happy” and what to expect from the retailer in the coming year. Hosts Pete, John and Katie share their first song picks for a Run Brevard playlist.

Episode 4 | January 23, 2019

This episode looks ahead to what to expect in Brevard’s running community in 2019, with new co-host John Carr discussing gear and overall running trends. Jeremy Stewart of Top Tier Sports Medicine stops by the studio to talk how to prevent running injuries and his own background in endurance sports. Bambi Sweeney shares her running story about her recent rise to the top of her age group and the training she’s implemented to get there. Running Zone’s director of operations Pete Vaughn talks compression – how it works, why it works and if runners should give it a try to improve their performance.

Episode 3 | December 12, 2018

This episode talks about the next Running Zone Foundation event: The Jingle Bell 2-Miler. Satellite High School’s cross country coach Doug Butler stops by the studio to talk about how he got started in running and what he has learned in 30 years of coaching kids and adults. Local running couple Tom and Deb Stokes share how they met and how the running community has pulled them through some of their most difficult life moments. Running Zone’s director of operations Pete Vaughn has some advice for trying to get in shape in the new year, running, during his “Ask Pete” segment.

Episode 2 | November 14, 2018

This episode talks about two upcoming Running Zone Foundation events: Space Coast Turkey Trot 5K & 10K and the Space Coast Marathon and Half Marathon. Local triathlete Kaitlin Donner stops by to talk about training, opening her business New Wave Physical Therapy and another new addition in her life. Local marathoner John Ouweleen (Johnny O) talks about running 26.2 miles over the age of 70 in premier races globally. Running Zone’s director of operations Pete Vaughn lets listeners know how many calories to expect in those Thanksgiving day meals — and how to shave off at least a few calories — in the “Ask Pete” segment.

Episode 1 | October 25, 2018

This episode talks about the upcoming Ghostly Gecko 5K and the importance of the RIGHT sports bra. Running Zone co-founder Denise Piercy talks about why she and husband Don went into the running business on the Space Coast in 2003 and what Running Zone Foundation has given back in the years since. Local marathoner Cindy Bishop talks about running 26.2 miles on all seven continents – and Running Zone’s director of operations Pete Vaughn answers the GPS/race course measurement question in the “Ask Pete” segment.