Wait: Tinio also said he would wait for an official order banning “return service as a precondition” after CHED was provided in the House of Commons at the agency`s budget meeting. The Return Service Agreement (RSA), implemented in 2011, has become an absolute admission requirement for several programs offered by UPM, including the College of Pharmacy`s bachelor`s programs. The return service program requires students from the university`s seven health schools to sign a contract that means their commitment to work and service to the Filipino community after graduation. The RSA is now a prerequisite for admission for both the Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy (BSP) and the Bachelor of Science in Industrial Pharmacy (BSIP) – for all students (including shift workers and takers) with the 2011 student number. The agreement stipulates that the student must work in the Philippines within 5 years of graduation. The supervisor should work preferably according to the role of the profession or health defined in three functions, not limited to direct service, education, training and research. The return service is preferably employment in public agencies/institutions, underserved cities/provinces, non-governmental organizations and cause-based organizations. The provision agreement is an absolute admission requirement for the CHW (SHS), Health Sciences Programs (CAMP, CN, CP, CPH, SHS), DDM and MD. He noted, however, that “to the extent that the creation of plantilla`s new positions will require it, the process will take time. In the meantime, we will raise our non-contractors, those who have worked for many years, at the level of the UP contract, so that they are entitled to all the benefits that a regular worker receives. According to an online article published in March, CHED Officer-In-Charge J. Prospero de Vera III said that as they are now government scholars, it is right for them to return money or favor to the public in the form of service. “While it is voluntary, we are very optimistic that our students, the nation`s scholars, will choose to do the return service.

For it will be a perfect opportunity for them to live their avowed love for our country and their commitment to our poor compatriots,” he added.