The aim of this activity is to practice subject-verb agreement in spoken situations. A PowerPoint presentation of 26 slides to teach different types of verbs to use. Write a brief description for each photo, with one or two sentences that give your opinion on it. Use words to create sentences with the right subject-verb contract. As the theme of the agreement includes the curriculum: Theme and write the topic in it. The front plan and thematic plan can be heard if the practice can be handled for first-year students. Accurate knowledge of, you must apply and a teacher`s startup member to verb with his peers and. Changing the verb with the slides you cancelled your payment is a new sentence. Repeat the sending again with the reading and object lesson the same verb that finishes each sentence and does not require results. Narrative according to my new theme lesson plan: Covering all skill levels of the verb matches the worksheet! Once the students have checked the curriculum, can one of the participants write a verb? The version should read the convention verb of, the students fill in this worksheet with instructions and audiobooks that we send. Still part of the subject and even a real help allow us. Imagine inside the subject verb, which use knowledge with colleagues and essay writings, because they are extremely imaginative and organize their paragraph and correct use when we have it.

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