Hello All!
As running continues to increase in popularity across the Space Coast we at Running Zone continue to find new ways to stay abreast of our favorite sport.
To that end we will be introducing several new and expanded ways to keep everyone connected.

We just launched our new, re-designed and Running Zone website. Please take a look and let us know what you like and would like to see added or changed.

We will also be debuting a blog on the website to post the latest news and keep everyone informed on new and/or upcoming events, new products, new trends and anything pertaining to running that catches our eye. This is our first blog post.

We will be changing the publication cycle of The Starting Line newsletter from monthly to quarterly. We will take advantage of the blog to post news in a more-timely manner and at the same time use the quarterly cycle to expand the newsletter’s offerings.

The April newsletter is the final one in the monthly publishing cycle. The quarterly edition debuts in July. Rest assured between now and the debut of the new products we will be discussing, dissecting and determining what we believe will best serve the running community. To that end we welcome input from the people who matter the most, the runners, walkers and triathletes who are our customers and our friends.

Please feel free to say hello at the next event, drop by the store, call us at 321-751-8890 or drop us a post at www.runningzone.com/sitecontact

Thank you for your continued support.

Don & Denise Piercy

Running Zone