A fundamental feature of the concept of vulnerability is the need to analyze the relationship between the system and the environment with respect to event events (shock) or changes that evolve more slowly and lead to uncertain conditions (continuing stressors). However, there are many nuances in the type of correlation between danger and vulnerability. Cardona (2003) asserts that “danger and vulnerability can condition and condition each other and that neither can exist,” cardona (2003) raises awareness of conceptual issues with apparently distinct danger and vulnerability. It is therefore important to highlight the theoretical model behind vulnerability analysis. Automated static perimetry (z.B Humphrey field analysis) is the gold standard for diagnosing and monitoring POAG. Several test algorithms have been validated for POAG and allow a reduction in test time for patients (z.B. Swedish Interactive Threshold Algorithm, SITA). Patients with POAG may have normal visual fields during testing, and it was estimated that 50% of gangelied cells had to be lost before a field defect was visible. This justification led to the focus. B new perimeter tests, such as shortwave automated perimetry (SWAP) and dual frequency technology (FDT), that may be able to improve previous detection of functional losses by targeting a number of ganglate cells with low distribution. Ranci, C., Mr. Migliavacca.

Social vulnerability: a multidimensional analysis. In social vulnerability in Europe. The New Social Risk Configuration, ed.C. Ranci, 219-249. Basingstoke as Palgrave Macmillan. Brandon does not consider it reductive that the Kosmer insinuates his letter. [229] Although Kosm novels are intense because they require more in-depth planning and continuity, Brandon also has an internal wiki and people like Peter and Karen Ahlstrom who help him keep the Cosmere on track. [235] [236] If Brandon feels he needs a break from the stricter demands of the Cosmere, he will turn to a less intense novel or novel that is almost always non-cosmic. [235] If there is a concept that he really wants to write, but it does not fit within the limits of the cosmic map, he moves it into a non-cosmic book.

For example, the rithmatist began as a cosmic novel, and his magic takes many elements of cosmic magic, but Brandon decided that he did not want a version of the earth in the cosmos, and thus moved it into their own universe. [237] VuWiki is available online and on www.vuwiki.org, and we invite interested practitioners, researchers and students to visit, use and enrich the site. With easy access to structured knowledge and opportunities to be a semantic and collaborative wiki platform, VuWiki can contribute to the dissemination and use of existing knowledge, as well as to promote data identification, access, interoperability and the exchange of important sources of information on vulnerability assessment methods around the world. Through the collaborative wiki platform, VuWiki has the potential to network experts, institutions and programs focused on vulnerability assessments, and the intent is for the platform and database to be used by the research and practice community. The durability of the VuWiki itself depends on its ability to create benefits for its users, but also on its ability to integrate new knowledge.