No no. We need only one representative from each political group to sign this agreement. For example, a non-governmental employee cannot sign publication rights on behalf of a government and a government official cannot transfer copyright. Percentages of time spent in user facilities can be assigned to proprietary research that uses unique capabilities to benefit the national economy. Therefore, those who do proprietary searches can access the facility as users. Full cost coverage will be obtained for proprietary research. Agreements are in place to ensure adequate intellectual property control for proprietary users so that they can use their experimental results. If there is a limited agreement that covers the participants of your institution for research on the specific institution you wish to use, it will be valid during the transition to a master`s contract. Creative Commons is a non-profit organization that offers several alternatives to the traditional copyright agreement, with the aim of maximizing the ability to share and legally use published material.

SPG currently uses the Creative Commons Attribution license (3.0 Unported or 4.0 International), the most permissive of CC licenses, which allows not only copying, transferring and distributing, but also adapting articles with correct correspondence. This new alternative complements the traditional, subscription-based publication; Authors can choose one or the other for their accepted papers. If your institution doesn`t appear in the list below, complete an online questionnaire for user agreements, which is the first step towards creating a core user agreement. If you need a hardcopy version of the copyright contract transmission, please send an email to and a copy will be sent to you. We accept fax copies (631) 591-4141 or copies scanned by email to the corresponding newspaper box. It is expected that the vast majority of user research will be publicly available and thus disseminated by publication in open literature. There is no cost to the user to access the user`s functions to perform non-proprietary searches. After submitting and accepting a project application or proposal, external researchers can access it through user agreements. A user contract covering liability, intellectual property and financial affairs is a prerequisite for working on one of Argonne`s operating facilities.