Training Programs


 Set Goals Not Limits

Coach Doug Butler will individually assess each runner and based on individual goals, set each runner up with a customized training program. He will base your training regimen on your particular level of fitness and advise you how to move forward to achieve your goals while staying injury free.

Very few people train at the paces they should be running at in order to increase their fitness level. This camp will teach you what paces you should be training at. Nobody likes to train alone, and this gives you a chance to meet some great people to run with. This camp is geared for adults, students are welcome to join if they are not a member of a high school track & field team.

This is a training program geared for the beginner to the elite runner. Runners meet two nights a week and on Sunday mornings for training runs.

All Tuesday and Thursday night runs will be at 6:00 pm. Sunday long runs will be at 6:30 a.m. or TBD.  There is also a 6:30am option

You may check for workout information, especially if you will be missing a night/morning of training.


High Altitude Training Institute

Here are some of the benefits you’ll enjoy at the High-Altitude Training Institute:

  • Escape the summer heat
  • Run secluded, low-impact trails
  • Increase your overall fitness to reach your season goals
  • Enjoy scenery fit for a postcard
  • A personalized, scientific training plan designed for you
  • Seminars on advanced training, nutrition, trail running technique, and more

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  • Running Zone:
  • Space Coast Runners:
  • Up & Running Fitness:
  • Cocoa Beach Fun Runs: Judd Spitzer
  • Fay Lake Wilderness Park: Kim Badgett
  • MRRG: Murrell Road Running Group
  • Long Doggers Indialantic:
  • Playalinda Fun Club
  • Running For Brews:
  • Intracoastal Brewery: 321-872-7395
  • Find Your Fitness with Gina: 321-806-7395
  • Space Coast Moms Run this Town:
  • Cocoa Village 6 Miles: Keith Dutter 321-576-3699
  • Village Idiot Pub: 321-301-4487
  • Florida Beer Company: Madeline Marx
  • Lululemon Club: Bryan Clarke 321-956-3089
  • Long Doggers Run Club Satellite Beach: Erickson Jaquays
  • Beachside Breakers Track & Field Club: Vanessa Ziade |


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